Caramel Coffee Ice Cream: Better than a glass of frappe!


When the weather is extremely hot, a scoop of ice cream is very very good. I love to have a box of ice cream in the freezer, and home made ice cream is the best.

I made ice cream almost every week, but the problem is the flavor is not varied -*-. Most of the time, I make coffee ice cream (it’s my mom favorite). Anyway I really need something new, (haha, I always feel bored when I make the same thing, I love to try something new (^_*)).

I got the idea from the book name: ……………..

Now it’s time for something beyond basic coffee ice cream: The caramel coffee ice cream. The smell and the flavor of the caramel make the ice cream become more like a glass of coffee caramel frappe! But I think it’s better ^ ^.

Caramel Coffee Ice Cream
serves 3-4 persons

Caramel Sauce


Caster sugar




Whipping cream

⅓ tsp

Sea salt

Coffee ice cream base


Egg yolks


Caster sugar




Caster sugar


Instant coffee

First make the caramel sauce:

Combine the sugar and water in a heavy saucepan and stir well to mix. Put the cream and salt in a second small saucepan (or put in the microwave proved measuring cup). Place the first pan on medium heat and cook undisturbed until the sugar begins to melt and caramelize-you’ll see a few wisps of smoke coming out of the sugar. Reduce the heat to low and stir occasionally so that the sugar melts and caramelizes evenly. Remove it from the heat when the caramel is still very pale (the sugar will continue to darken off the heat). Slide the pan with the cream onto the burner. As soon as the cream has some bubbles around the edge (if using microwave put the cup in the microwave and heat for 40 seconds), add it to the caramel at arm’s length, averting your face—the caramel will boil up and may splatter out of the pan. Pour the diluted caramel into a medium bowl and cool it to room temperature.

In a small saucepan, combine milk and 20g of sugar together. Heat the milk mixture over medium heat until bubbles form around the edges of the pan sprinkle with instant coffee powder. Set aside and cover to keep hot.

In a bowl, with a whisk, beat 20g of sugar and egg yolk together until very thick and smooth. Gradually add the hot milk mixture, whisk all the time to prevent the yolk to become curdle.

Return the mixture to the saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of the spoon (about 75°C). Remove the pan from heat and pour the caramel sauce into the pan.

Pour the mixture through the sieve and set it in a bowl of ice water. Stir to cool the mixture. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours, or until thoroughly chilled.
Transfer to an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Caramel Coffee Ice Cream: Better than a glass of frappe!

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