Chocolate Tiramisu Torte : My delicious unfinished bussiness!


This is the second time for this cake. First time when my friends came to my house at January (well, a long time ago, haha). But at that time, I just baked the cake, and my friends took the cake home.
So, for me it feels like an unfinished business, ^ ^, I need to make it again, because my friends said that it’s delicious (and I didn’t have a chance to eat it >*<). This time, when my beloved friend come to visit, I make this cake as a welcome dessert, and well, her husband love this cake. So, this cake is a huge success! I make a little change in the recipe (as I always do, haha). First I make only half of the recipe, so the full recipe will be 20cm cake (just double the recipe) if you want to serve a lot of people ^ ^. Then I adjust the frosting a bit, to make it more controllable (well, I can’t find the double cream, so I use the whipping cream instead). But I find it delicious with a lot of mascarpone, you can’t go wrong ^ ^. After frosting it and refrigerate for 1 hour, it’s better to finish the cake at that day, or the frosting will be dry and crack, but I know that for the delicious cake, it’s an easy job, haha.

Chocolate Tiramisu Torte
Make 15 cm 4 layers cake



unsalted butter, at room temperature


cake flour

2 ½tsp

baking powder


golden caster sugar




cocoa powder


Instant coffee dissolved in ½ tbsp boiling water


50 ml

espresso or strong instant coffee


Coffee liquor




Whipping cream




dark chocolate, grated for decorating

• Heat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/gas 4. Butter and base line 2 15cm-cake tins.
Sift the flour baking powder and cocoa powder together.
Beat the butter until soft then add the sugar and egg, beat to combine.
Add all the ingredients into the bowl, beat until combine. (Or put all the cake ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.)

Divide between the tins and cook for 25-30 minutes or until the sponge is springy.
Cool completely then cut each cake in half horizontally.

• To make the frosting, Beat the mascarpone until it softens then stir in the cream, bit by bit.

Add the 1tbsp Coffee liquor and amaretto then lightly beat until softly whipped.

•Mix the coffee with 2 tbsp of the Coffee liquor and sprinkle over the cut sides of each cake. Sandwich the 4 layers together with the boozy cream, leaving plenty for the top. Finish the top and side with a layer of cream and finely grated dark chocolate. Chill for an hour before serving to make the cake easier to cut.

Chocolate Tiramisu Torte : My delicious unfinished bussiness!

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