Do You Eat To Live or Live To Eat?


I recently purchased Nigella Lawson’s first cookbook at a local community bazaar.  I try not to buy cookbooks anymore because I have too many, and don’t use 90% of them. However, as I thumbed the pristine copy, the first recipe caught my eye as being simple and tasty. So I pulled out the $3.00 asking price.

Woman cooking spaghetti
Do you eat to live or live to eat?
I was curious. I knew of Nigella and her red lips, but was not familiar with her cooking or eating philosophy.  In the preface of her 2002 book, she states that she cooks because she loves to eat, and it’s her relation to food that drives her cooking.  She goes on to say that she is not a chef, or professionally trained, but she is an eater… just like us everyday cooks! Well, sort of. Not really, but she does cook.

Why do you cook? Is it because you have to eat or is it because you love to eat?  I personally cook because I love food.  There is nothing better than eating real food, especially when it’s fresh from the source.  There’s a real joy in biting into a crisp red apple that gushes juice onto your face as you taste its sweet yet tart flesh on your tongue. And then there’s the delight of sitting down to a dinner with family to devour a hastily prepared meal of tacos piled high with salsa, cheese, lettuce, hot sauce, avocado and sour cream… a tasty mess of contrasting textures.

The good thing about loving food, and being a home cook, is that you get to decide what to eat. How good is that?  For some, the word ‘cooking’ can symbolize lots of dread.  There’s the angst of having to produce a meal, the stress of not having the time to find a recipe or shop for groceries, not to mention the resulting pile of dirty dishes.  Ugh.  However, if you overlook all these cumbersome irritants, and think of the end product, which is eating delicious food, it can open up a whole new world.  Good luck, and could I suggest those who cook, don’t do dishes!

Washing Dirty Dishes
If You Cook Don’t Do The Dishes!

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