Happy Cooking with LG SolarDom: Cooking Japanese rice using the microwave


 Having a microwave will be very useful when you can cook everything in it ^^.

I just got LG SolorDom last week, and because it can be use as the microwave oven, convection oven and steamer, so I think it will be fun to start learning to use all of the function. The first and the most useful point of the microwave is you can cook small amount of food so it’s very good for the small family or people who live alone ^^. 
I think the basic for Asia people like me is cooking the rice. This this I will show you how to cook Japanese rice in the microwave. 
For the water that you use for cleaning, soaking and cooking the rice, drinking water is recommended. Rice is dry so it will absorb the water when cleaning it too.
PS. Place the bowl over a large plate while cooking, will reduce your work of cleaning the microwave, because while boiling the water will spill out of the bowl.

Cooked Japanese Rice
Serve 1  

1cup………………………… Japanese Short-grain rice (180ml cup) 
230ml …………………….. Water
………………………………… Water for cleaning and soaking the rice

Clean the rice with water, and pour enough water to cover the rice and soaking the rice for 30 minutes.
Drain the rice and put the rice in a microwaveable bowl.
Pour 230ml of water into the bowl. Cover it with a lid or a plastic warp (if using plastic warp, using the scissors to cut a small hole). 
Cook with 600W for 4 minutes.
Then lower the heat to 360W (or Low setting) and cook for 10 minutes.

 And you will get delicious cooked rice from your microwave, ^^.

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