Kale, The Nutritious Superhero


Is it time to retire Kale's superhero status?
Kale plant for my garden

I may insult some kale enthusiasts here, and I apologize.  But, I sincerely think it’s time to retire kale’s superstar status. Kale has been at the top of the charts for ten long years.  

Kale Is Cool! 

Yes, kale is cool because it can turn into a chip. And kale does have beneficial qualities, guaranteed. But let’s be honest, unless you are going to consume cups of this inflexible green vegetable daily, the health benefits are kept to a minimum. Let’s be upfront, kale is just another food in the fruit and vegetable food group, and many in the group have superior benefits. We shouldn’t single out one as a nutritional superhero, especially one that has to be massaged or marinated in lemon juice to help flex its muscles.  And I’m not alone. Watch this cute YouTube Video on kale to see what I mean.  

That said, Kale is much-loved.  It’s interesting to know that Kale is a member of the Cabbage family. And has endless ways of being prepared (beside Kale Chips). It is great sautéed, baked, roasted, stewed, in salads and in smoothies. I suggest you combine it with other lettuces when using in a salad to soften its toughness. You’ll also need to remove the centre stalk before using. Finally, kale does turn bitter if over cooked, so add it at the end of your cooking like you would spinach. 

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