Real Food Is Cool


When did eating become so complicated?  Ten years ago the big food choice was should
I eat meat or not, organic or non organic, 2%
or skim
  Today, you practically need a
handbook to weave your way through all the options when deciding what to eat. 

There are endless studies that seem to disprove each other on what is good for
us to eat based on the “science.”  Eating
today is like learning a new operating system every week!  Not only should we be concerned about fat,
sugar and nutrients, the experts and the shame blamers tell us we should eat
food that is environmentally sustainable, humane, socially just and beneficial
to local farmers.  It’s exhausting.

It’s hard for us everyday cooks to
understanding the verbiage.
  So it’s no
wonder we head to JAPADOG, a successful Vancouver Hot Dog stand, and call that
  To heck with sulfites and
sodium, it tastes good and it’s simple.
A hot dog is a hot dog.

So what is the solution? How does the
everyday cook navigate themselves through the food hyperbole?
  By purchasing ear plugs.  By tuning out the food noise and sticking to
what we know is true.
  That real food
is cool.
  We know an apple is better for
us than a donut, and that it’s not great for our waistlines to regularly eat at
fast food restaurants. We also know that water is better for us than a soft
drink and that a salad is better for us than French Fries. We know all this,
yet somehow we forget and get confused with all the sound bites.

If we shut out the endless food chatter then
eating becomes simple again.
  Eat what we
know is true.
  No handbook required.  Real food is cool.

In celebration
of real food try this recipes with local Strawberries that have just arrived try making cobbler dessert with a cornmeal topping!
It’s a recipe to help you enjoy the red
bursts of springtime, first published in the Recipes to the Rescue, Spring
Edition, 1997!

Bundles Of Rhubarb
Fresh Rhubarb at Farmers Market

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